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The “HOT Rankings” is the official list of exactly how much a club will excite a healthy man, woman, or alien!

The rankings are based on a ‘secret sauce' that factors everything from the attractiveness of the dancers, contact levels, propensity to linger, stray, flirt, and of course, undress.

Other aspects of the scoring includes the attitude of the entertainers, proportions, generosity of time, and manners. The feedback we get from TVO readers is an essential element in the scoring algorithms which even includes the club environment, pricing, smell (yes, the smell), and more!

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Vegas caters to tourists like crazy - Which is why moments like this need to be celebrated! The famous Little Darlings gentlemen's club is offering FREE admission to Vegas locals on Monday nights! All you need to do is show your Nevada state I.D. at the door. 

Little Darlings is the only 18+ totally nude club in town, featuring hundreds of showgirls, private nude VIP dances, and weekly celebrity & porn star appearances. Lap dances are fairly reasonable, and the vibe in the club is a mix of sexy luxury. 

Being a nude club there isn't any alcohol on premises, but there are plenty of refreshments available to order. And if the drinks don't make you thirsty, the girls will. A mix of young talent and tight bodies you won't want to miss! 



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From naughty parties to girls turning out for wild conventions, we've gathered a few of our favorite events across Las Vegas! Click the image to visit the club pictured.


One of the biggest questions we get here at Topless Vegas Online is how to get hired at a Las Vegas strip club. If you're hoping to become an entertainer, competition is steep!

Waitresses and bartenders don't have it easy either - As we live in a city filled with beautiful, experienced women working in hospitality and entertainment all over the city.

The good news is, it's not impossible to make a good impression right out of the gate! So take a deep breath, humble yourself a little (you're going to have to face some realities in this process ladies), and get your notebook ready. These tips come straight from the mouths of real women working in strip clubs all over Vegas! 

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