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Best Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples

Couples Love Las Vegas Strip Clubs

I take Mrs. TVO to Las Vegas strip clubs because it’s one of our favorite forms of foreplay! You get dressed up and head into this dark and elegant environment, where you’re treated like royalty.

Sapphire is an Excellent Strip Club for Couples

You unwind with a couple of drinks as beautiful young women peel off their clothes on stage and come up close to flirt and tease you both.

And maybe you cap off the evening with a couple’s lap dance or private show, where you never really know what’s going to happen. You’re adding a 3rd party into your physical relationship and that is always exciting.

If you’re looking for a Vegas-style adventure with your wife or girlfriend, here are our recommendations for the best Vegas strip clubs for couples. Each is special in its own way.

A Couples-Friendly Strip Club with the Most Erotic Stage Show in Vegas

The stage shows at Palomino, a nude club, go way beyond the standard bump and grind you’re probably accustomed to in strip clubs at home. It’s a great club for a couple heading to a strip club together for the first time because women immediately recognize that they’re seeing talented dancers and acrobats—not just pretty girls taking their clothes off.

This is a club where the dancers spend half their time in flight around the stripper poles, where dancers egg each other on, trying out new acts, like traditional striptease or girl on girl shows. At peak hours there may be five dancers on the stages in the main room.

It’s hard for your wife or girlfriend to feel nervous about being at a strip club when she’s enjoying a breathtaking show. And because there are often half a dozen or more couples in the audience, the dancers here are particularly charming and easy with entertaining couples.

If you go read the comments under Palomino Club’s review, you’ll find customer after customer praising the club and the fun they had with their wives and girlfriends.

Here’s SDman:

“My wife loved the entire experience. She’ll definitely do it again w/me. Going in, she was strictly doing it for me, as she knew how much I would enjoy it, and she astutely knew it would spice things up for us in the bedroom throughout the weekend. Afterwards, she admitted she enjoyed the flirting, she loved how soft the dancer’s skin was, and she even enjoyed the GFE [girlfriend experience] of being made to feel special and desired by a stranger, even if it was fantasy – and yes, she enjoyed how worked up it got me.”

Couples Rave About Palomino’s

Palomino has some great package deals on their website for groups and couples. We recommend a couple’s package if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday night, because the club gets packed and a package includes not only free admission and round-trip transportation, but also gives you a reserved table for the night. (That’s great for a special date any night of the week.)

Couples can also get free admission to the club any time simply for arriving by the free club limo (at peak hours, there will be a $30 cover per person, which entitles you each to three drinks). Call 702-642-2984 to reserve your ride.

Treasures is Las Vegas’ Most Luxurious Strip Club

Mr. and Mrs. TVO frequent Treasures more than any other because it is a GREAT DINNER DATE!

Treasures is a luxurious gentlemen’s club filled with creature comforts like plush easy chairs and dark nooks and corners for the club’s high-mileage lap dances and VIP dances. They are also warm and friendly — they will court you all night if you’re sending signals you like them.

The club is good at treating customers like guests at a party. If you start coming back a second and third time, they remember you and what you like to drink, where you like to sit, even if it’s been months.

The club features an Italian villa look, with a winding staircase and balconies and drapes and chandeliers and plenty of fine art on the walls (nudes) — perfect for setting off the beautiful women that inhabit the place.

The center stage is big enough for a dancer to move and low enough for a dancer to get down close to the customers sitting on the rail — it’s my favorite place to sit. Lighting in the club is the darkest in town, both on the main floor and in the VIP. It’s perfect for getting up close and physical with a dancer.

Here’s why women love Treasures, the club will ….

1.) Treat her like royalty

2.) Encourage dancers to get very physical with your girlfriend if she wants that

To get another customer’s perspective on why guys and couples love Treasures, check out this review of Treasures in the comments by TVO reader “RK.”

Does Your Wife Want to Fool Around with a Topless Girl?

Women are discovering they love lap dances and really get off on feeling up sexy girls. If you don’t believe me, go read the comments under Sapphire’s review page. To quote a comment by a female reader, KJ: “Can I expect the ladies at Sapphire to offer me high mileage dances as well as my husband? Also, what can we expect to pay for private dances?

Do private dances offer more contact? I love as much contact as possible and I would love it if some of the dancers wanted to play with my large breasts as well! Thanks so much!”

Sexy Couples’ VIP Dances at Sapphire

If your wife or girlfriend is having these kinds of fantasies, Sapphire or Treasures are the clubs I recommend for you. Sapphire (club website) is Las Vegas’ best lap dance orgy, and offers perhaps the most sexual VIP shows in town, and there’s no sit-on-your-hands law in Vegas. That means in-your-hands, in-your-face, in-your-lap lap dances and private shows for both you and your wife or girlfriend.

Sapphire feature topless dancers on multiple stages and the most elegant strip club VIP and private rooms in town, where a couple can get alone with a dancer.

Both clubs offer both solo and couples packages on their websites. We recommend a package at Sapphire, not only because a package gives you more for your money, but because it will include a reserved table, and at peak hours a reserved table is the only way you’ll be able to sit down.

Las Vegas’ Wildest Topless Party for Couples

Floyd Mayweather’s new ultra-luxe Girl Collection takes black Las Vegas strip clubs in an entirely different direction. This isn’t a club where guys sneak in and lurk in the shadows watching dancers on stage. This is a full-out crazy party where dancers don’t just dance on stage, but dance in the aisles and twerk between the tables, and the men, women and couples in the club get out of their seats to dance with them.

This is a club where women will not only feel comfortable, but will likely get into the wild celebration of the sexiness all around.

Mayweather hand-picked his international collection of gorgeous dancers and the man obviously loves curves. Blonde bombshells and big-booty beauties abound and they’re here to have fun. The guests shower dollars on the dancers. The whole club is a show and you’re right in the middle of it.

If you’re hungry, Girl Collection is also a great dinner date, with an extensive menu from the club’s gourmet kitchen.

Mayweather designed this club as his own pleasure palace, where he wants to treat every guest as a VIP.

Little Darlings Got It Started

Little Darlings, a nude club, is the first place I ever saw women fully participating in strip club fun—sitting on the rail and tipping dancers, celebrating bachelorette parties (sometimes on stage with the dancers), and heading off for lap dances and private shows. Little Darlings is the club that brought female-friendly to Las Vegas.

Little Darlings is also the only strip club on this page that admits guests at age 18+. No alcohol is served, but there’s a smoothie bar, health drinks, and the usual soft drinks.

And what really sets this club apart for couples thinking about private time with a dancer is that all lap dances, starting at $20, are fully nude and take place in private booths away from the main showroom. Lap dances here are no-touching, but if that’s not important to you, that’s one of the best Vegas strip club deals in town.

More Clubs are becoming Couple Friendly – Hustler Club, Centerfolds, Score’s

With high quality dance productions added to the mix at Hustler Club (Sexxy), Centerfolds (Touch of Burlesque), Score’s (Kinky Burlesque) … I’ve noticed more couples and even single women more frequently in these clubs. America is embracing more adult entertainment as a mainstream diversion. TVO expects more experimentation with formats and appeals to demographics groups traditionally resistant to strip clubs.


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