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Black Strip Clubs in Las Vegas — Big Booty Dancers Get Wild

Vegas Black Strip Clubs = Hip-Hop and Making It Rain

Many Vegas strip clubs have an unwritten policy that DJs in their clubs will not play hip-hop or rap. Instead, various genres of rock are played, from punk and metal to old classics and current pop hits.

And while every strip club in Vegas has a handful of black dancers, they tend to be dancers with body types that will appeal to white customers, especially older white customers who tend to be the guys with the most money to spend.

So if you happen to be a fan of hip-hop and beautiful black women, especially thicker black women with ample booty, most Vegas strip clubs will leave you unsatisfied. But Las Vegas now has three urban strip clubs, meaning clubs with mostly black dancers and a mostly black clientele, and DJs spinning solely hip-hop beats.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights only.

Black strip clubs in Vegas are more of a wild, coed, erotic dance party than the typical Vegas lap dance clubs. Customers are less into buying lap dances and private shows, and more into raining a storm of dollar bills onto dancers, who dance both on stage and out in the crowd. The floors in the Vegas black strip clubs sometimes get foot-deep in dollar bills.

When the dancers gather up the bills, they need Hefty bags to collect them.

Dancers in the urban clubs are mostly black, but there will always be some white and brown dancers — Hispanic, island girls, and every exotic mix you can think of.

Regardless of race, the emphasis in these clubs is much more on dancers with big booties than big tits. Las Vegas black strip clubs have the finest booty in America. To get more of an idea of the talent, check out our photo gallery of beautiful black strippers of Las Vegas.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection — Where the Champ Likes to Party

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection is a topless urban club that opened for business in May of 2017 and it is the classiest of the urban clubs in Vegas. It’s also the most expensive. The cover charge is $20 on Thursday and Sunday, but $50 on Friday and Saturday (and can go to $100 during peak hours). Valet parking is $40 and there is no other parking except out on the street. If you go to Girl Collection you’ll see Bentley's and Jaguars in the parking lot. Domestics and wells start at $15.

Lap dances are $40. In the VIP it’s 3 songs for $100 + 2 drinks; private rooms are 10 min for $150, 30 min for $500 (incl 350-ml bottle), 60 min for $700 (incl two 350-ml bottles or champagne). Girl Collection also has its own kitchen with a menu that includes everything from appetizers and sandwiches to filet mignon and Oscar-style steak with jumbo crab.

At Girl Collection, the party gets going after 1 am, with most guests arriving around 2 am. The champ himself parties at the club most nights when he’s in town (you want to talk making it rain!).

Floyd Mayweather considers his club more of an international club than an urban club. You will see more white guests here than at the other urban clubs in Vegas, and although Girl Collection has a lot of thick black dancers with fine booty, they also have a lot of white and brown girls. But the music is hip-hop, the dancing is twerking in the aisles, and the tipping standard is rain-making.


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