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How Much to Tip in a Vegas Strip Club

I get a lot of questions about tipping in Vegas strip clubs. When do I tip? Who do I tip? And how much?

One thing you should know about the people working in Vegas strip clubs is that their primary earnings are tips. They receive little or no pay from the club, and instead survive on tips from customers and tip-outs from the dancers.

And all of the employees are important to a good strip club experience, even if you don’t have direct contact with them.

So here’s a quick guide to the standard Vegas strip club tips.

How Much to Tip Dancers on Stage

If you’re sitting on the rail, the minimum you should tip is $1 per song. $3 to $5 over the course of the dancer’s stage set will keep you well-liked by the dancers.

It’s impolite to sit on the rail through a dancer’s whole set and not tip at all. This is especially poor form if the club is crowded and you are taking a seat where a tipping customer could be sitting.

If there’s a dancer whose attention you’re trying to capture to get a dance after her set, bigger tips ($10 to $20, in singles) are the best way to get her attention, especially on crowded nights. This is true even if you’re not sitting on the rail. Get up from your table, go over to the stage, and make it rain a little bit. When the dancer comes over to thank you, tell her that you’d like a dance when she gets off stage.

Tipping Lap Dancers

In most major Vegas strip clubs, the standard cost of a lap dance that lasts one song (@ 3 min) is $20. You’re never expected to pay more than this and no other tip is expected.

If a dancer is exceptionally sensational in your lap, if she leaves you feeling like you wish you had $500 for an hour in the VIP with her, then maybe you should tip her something extra because she is an artist who has just created an erotic memory for you.

When to Tip for a Lap Dance

It’s common to tip after the dance. If you’re getting multiple dances, it’s fine to tip at the end of all the dances, but be very careful that you count them off as they occur. If you’re drinking and having fun, you don’t want to lose track of how many twenties you owe. If you do get multiple dances, tip an extra $10.

Tipping Strip Club Hosts

In casinos, hosts are only for high rollers and players never tip hosts (though sometimes players buy gifts for hosts).

Vegas strip clubs are different. If a host in a strip club goes out of his way to accommodate you – say he gets you a dark table in the corner, as per your request, then keeps sending over a steady flow of dancers of the specific type you told him you preferred – you should tip him as you leave the club.

Passing money in a handshake is the preferred method of saying thanks. A twenty should do it if you’ve been in the club for a few hours. If your visit has been shorter, five or ten will do. If you haven’t had any interaction with any of the hosts, there’s no reason to tip any of them.

Tipping in the VIP

Even if you have no interaction with him, the VIP host is performing a service for you. He’s guarding the gate to keep the riffraff from wandering in to check out the scene.

Still, you’re not expected to tip the VIP room host on your way in or out of the VIP.

Sometimes the dancer you’re with will ask you to tip the bouncer/host, or give her money to tip the bouncer/host, so it doesn’t come out of what you’re paying her. If a dancer asks for this money, I usually give her the money.

If a dancer doesn’t ask for this money, I sometimes tip the host $10 myself on the way out.

Tipping Strip Club Limo Drivers

Most of the major Vegas strip clubs provide free limo service for customers. You call them and they send their limo to your hotel to pick you up and bring you to their club.

You tip the limo driver as he drops you at the door. Tip the driver $5 to $10 a head if you’re in a group.

Tipping Cocktail Servers/Bartenders

This is easy. $1 per drink.

If a cocktail server gets 20 singles for you, tip her $1 for that as well.

If she gets a dancer (or dancers) over to your table at your request, tip her $1 per dancer.

Tipping the Parking Valet

If you use the club’s valet service, tip the valet $3. If you request that he keep your car close by, as you may be leaving soon, tip him at least $5 whether you leave soon or not. Always tip the valet when he delivers your car back to you (not when you drop it off).

Tipping the Restroom Attendant

Always tip a dollar on the way out, even if you don’t get any special services (towel, toiletries, etc.) He’s the reason the restroom is spotless, and it’s not an easy job.

Bonus Advice: How Much to Tip the Maitre D’ to Get a Better Seat at a Casino Show

Unless the theater is sold out and filled with high rollers that night, you can usually get a better seat at a show by tipping $5 to $10 per person in your group.

Just discreetly hold the money in your hand with your ticket and ask if a better seat is available.

Usually that will do it. If there are no better seats, he won’t take your money. If the competition for better seats is tougher that night, he may say, “That won’t do it tonight, sir.” That means the amount in your hand isn’t enough. In that case, you can reach for a bigger bill and say, “Will this do it?” If he says “Sorry, not tonight,” then there truly are no better seats available.

More Bonus Advice: How Much to Tip the Doorman to Be Admitted to a Vegas Club Without Waiting in Line

The amount to tip a doorman to skip to the front of the line depends on the length of the line. With a short line, $5 might do it. $10 to $20 will be required to skip longer lines.

The negotiations are exactly the same as with Maitre D’s at shows. The doorman will tell you if the amount you’re offering isn’t sufficient that night, and you can make a decision on whether it’s worth it to pay more.


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