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One of the most common questions we get here at Topless Vegas Online is how to get hired at a Las Vegas strip club. It really does boil down to just walking into a club and auditioning.

Although it's not impossible to make a good impression right out of the gate, you're dealing with lots of competition. So take a deep breath, humble yourself a little (you're going to have to face some realities in this process ladies), and get your notebook ready. These tips come straight from the mouths of real people working in strip clubs all over Vegas! 

Tip #1: Research and visit clubs you want to work at first

Entertainer Serenity says "If a club is open there is always a manager available who will tell you if they are looking for wait staff, or when stage auditions are. They may even let you audition right then and there! So please look cute, and don't forget the matching lingerie just in case."


If you have your sights set on a club, do your research! Look at the club's website, their instagram, or even stop by.

Tip #2: Sexy photos won't hurt your chances

Manager John says their club gets hundreds of girls applying online every month, many who send photos wearing ratty sweatshirts, grainy photos on vacations with family, or harsh filters added. "We don't need professional studio photos, but they can at least throw on some lingerie and take some sexy photos if they are applying online. And yes, this goes for bartenders and waitresses too."


He adds, "If you're too afraid to send clear, recent photos of yourself, don't even waste your time. The stage always has a spotlight, your filters aren't going to come in handy there."


Tip #3: Legal documents are non-negotiable

In order to work as an entertainer you'll need a valid I.D. and Sheriff's Card. Waitresses and bartenders will also need their Health Card and TAM card.

You can get the Health Card and TAM card on your own by taking the required tests (and passing), but you can't obtain the Sheriff's Card until you are hired by a club. 

These documents are non-negotiable to work in Las Vegas nightlife. So before applying make sure you look into what you'll need to begin working at a club, and don't be afraid to call a club and ask their requirements! 

Tip #4: A healthy routine is essential

Rosette has worked in strip clubs for over 10 years, with an income over 6 figures. Her advice for making it big? "Don't rely on your age or pretty face, keep up with a healthy routine and take care of your wellness."


Rosette says she has seen many promising women spiral into bad habits, addictions, and burn out. She adds, "For me personally, I keep a fitness routine 5 days a week, paired with healthy eating. I've outlasted so many girls in this industry." 

Tip #5: Reap the rewards of being yourself

Don't assume all clubs hire the same 'perfect ten' types. Instagram is a great place to check out a club and see what type of girls they hire. For instance, Scores loves all types of women, and has no qualms hiring tattooed and unique beauties. Whereas Chicas Bonitas typically only hires sexy latin girls.


We spoke to Sunshine, a bartender covered in tattoos, with pink hair to boot. "I didn't think I would get hired at a strip club! I'm a thick girl and not everyone's cup of tea. The manager gave me a chance and it's been the best job I've ever had." 


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