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Las Vegas Gentlemen's Clubs: Where Are the Best MNF (Monday Night Football) Parties Now?

Long ago in a world that now seems far away, Monday Night Football parties were all the rage in Las Vegas. Casinos and bars throughout the city sponsored shindigs of all sorts, with free hot dogs and beer, gambling bonuses, raffles, and even concerts sometimes included (the Rio used to do it).

Always competing to be among the best were the gentlemen’s clubs. They all had parties and they were good.

Things have changed.

Not that NFL games in general aren’t big events, especially in the casino sports books, where customers continue to congregate to watch the games. But the organized parties are no longer offered at anywhere near the level that they once were.

Of course, there are hold-outs (in the casinos, the notable exception is South Point), including some good ones in the gentlemen’s club. Over the first four weeks of the season, TVO visited more than a dozen clubs to check out the MNF action.

The Best

It’s not close. The best MNF party in the topless clubs, and maybe in all of Las Vegas is at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.

There’s a $25 admission fee for all that gets you an open bar from 5 to 7 pm., two free-drink tickets to use after 7, a buffet, and lots of raffled prizes. The drinks aren’t limited, you can call whatever is behind the bar, and the buffet is for real, with prime rib, mini wedge salads, asparagus, mac & cheese, wings, fingers, sliders, pizza, and desserts.

The game is shown on big screens with an MC raffling off prizes during the commercials. The dancers serve as cocktail waitresses and perform $2 lap dances at halftime (more like “slap dances,” even if you don’t participate, they’re fun to watch).

As you might expect, this party gets crowded, so you should get there a little before game time to secure a table.

Also Good

There are a few more decent options in the strip clubs.

  • Crazy Horse 3 has an open bar during the game and pizza at halftime for $25 (the same deal is also offered on Thursday and Sunday nights).

  • Hustlers has $2 drinks if you have a Hustler card. It’s a one-time $30 purchase and the card is ostensibly good forever (we bought ours 10 years ago).

  • Minks on the east side has $3 drafts, $5 bottles and well drinks, and half-price appetizers.

Best for Sunday

The best Sunday Night Football party in town is at the Palomino in North Las Vegas, which has several large-screen TVs tuned to the game, good sound, and lots of space to seat groups.

The highlight is a free make-your-own taco bar that’s top notch. Actually, they load the tacos (or tortillas) for you with your choice of beef, chicken, pork, or chorizo, then you add the toppings. Come back as often as you want.

There’s no deal on beers, though—the best you can do is a bucket of five for $40. Unlike many of the others, the girls are dancing throughout the game.


In days past, two of the best MNF parties were at Treasures and Spearmint Rhino. Now those clubs aren’t even open during the game. Also closed when we checked were:

The Library



Girl Collection


Club Platinum

Déjà Vu

In summary, Monday Night Football parties in Las Vegas have changed over time, but the excitement is still alive. Whether you're looking for a great time at Sapphire Gentlemen's Club or a delicious taco bar at Palomino, Toplessvegasonline has you covered. Make sure to check out these fantastic places for a memorable Monday Night Football experience!


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