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Onlyfans VS Stripping: Which is better?

And which is safer? The final answer may surprise you.

If you're from anywhere other than Las Vegas, the idea of being an adult content creator or an adult entertainer, may be strictly taboo and forbidden. However in Vegas, anything goes! Women work in all varieties of nightlife and entertainment, and the sex appeal of the city is just another fact of life. In fact, so many women work in adult entertainment in Las Vegas that when a guy sees a beautiful woman walking down the street, he usually assumes she is an adult entertainer of some kind.

But there are a lot of options when it comes to dabbling in the "adult" arts. Women who appreciate connecting with customers in person, flexible cash flow, and a little public stardom will appreciate stripping. Strippers, or "Entertainers" as we commonly call them in Vegas bring the allure to the stage. On the other hand, content creators, such as the women making adult content for sites like Onlyfans, can also enjoy a variety of perks. Making your own content let's you control your domain completely - Everything from your outfits, your energy, and your time are all within your control.

Both options offer opportunities for individuals to express their sexuality and generate income, but they differ in terms of accessibility, autonomy, and financial prospects. This article will explore the empowerment aspects of adult entertainment, comparing content creators and stripping, and shedding light on the experiences of performers in each domain.


Strippers, Dancers, or 'Entertainers' as they are commonly called in Vegas, are one of the most common adult work options for a woman in Las Vegas. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, "At last count, there are 32 active strip clubs and between 30,000 and 40,000 registered exotic dancers in the Las Vegas Valley. On weeknights, some 1,500 women bump and grind at clubs here; weekends, that number doubles or triples." Wow!

Entertainers are required to carry up to date work permits at every club. Girls are usually required to be drug free, and sometimes even drug tested. Any sort of side hustle (additional physical entertainment) they want to provide the guys is frowned upon by most clubs.

And before you think you can bounce between clubs and scoop up a few stacks every night, most clubs set a mandatory minimum on your time in the club. Once you pay your house fee - a mandatory fee every dancer must pay to the club in order to dance there - expect to spend 4-6 hours in the club at minimum for the night. Skipping out early can and will get you fired, no matter how cute you think you are.

Strippers in Las Vegas don't go home empty handed though, with many girls making a minimum of $200 to $2000 cash a night, depending where they work! Although there are additional nightly fees to consider. Besides the house fee every dancer pays to take the stage, the entertainer must also tip the DJ, the bartender, the security... by the end of the night, she may drop a couple hundred dollars in tips in certain clubs. And for the girls who don't feel they need to participate in being generous with the club? They are often punished. DJ's will skip your set, or play the wrong song. Security will ignore you which means less support and less safety. It can be tricky!

Content Creators (Onlyfans, Manyvids, etc)

On the other hand, you've got the freedom and fantasy of being a content creator. Sites like Onlyfans, Manyvids, LoyalFans, and more allow you to record and post adult content for paying subscribers to access. (There are also camming websites such as LiveJasmin which allow you to stream your performance from the comfort of your home, but more on those in another article.)

Content creation may seem like the more lucrative option, but keep in mind that as of recent reports from "Most recent data shows that OnlyFans had 187.9 million users, out of which 2.1 million were content creators." This isn't counting the many other 'fan' sites out there as well, and private content creators who sell their content on a transaction basis.

Content creators do have the potential to make serious money though. Some creators rake in anywhere from $50 a month to over 6-figures. The transactions are all digital, which allow the security of tracking your income and monitoring your progress. And while there aren't any house fees to contend with, you've got actual house issues to deal with - Namely, do you have a clean place to record? Do you have the privacy you need to make content? Do you have proper lighting, and is it quiet enough in your area to make a video without interruption? And those are just a few.

The other element to deal with is public judgement. Many women have faced scrutiny and judgement from potential partners, lifetime partners, and family for being content creators. And you don't have the (glamour?) of being a dancer on stage. You're making literal p*rn, and you're marketing your content hoping to attract as many eyes as possible, while your vajayjay is out for the world to discover!

Which is the better option for you?

In order to dissect which is the better option for you, first you need to put yourself (mentally) in the shoes of many dancers each night. You'll enter a club packed with cheering, leering, horny guys. You'll be in next to nothing, with eyes on you from every corner of the club. You'll be flirting, smiling, laughing, talking, and haggling.

Some guys will be handsome, charming and sexy. Others will be ugly, smelly, old, and gropey. (We've mentioned almost every one of the seven dwarves, right?) Some guys will give you the amount you ask for - And if the club has a mandatory minimum amount for lap dances it might make it easy, you both know the amount they need to get a dance. Other guys will demean you, talk down to you, or remind you that there are plenty of other girls who will take his very low ball offer. And truthfully, other girls will. And we haven't even gone into what will happen once you enter the VIP room. Some clubs will have your back, creating a safe environment for the girls. Other clubs may commonly look the other way if there's, well, less dancing going on. But by the end of the night you may walk out with wild, unstoppable confidence and a purse full of cash!

If any part of that scenario made your stomach churn, perhaps you'd be better suited to becoming a content creator. Your community won't be hard to find in Vegas, with thousands of content creators flying in and out of town every day. Many industry nights and lifestyle clubs cater to men and women who create digital content.

The downside being your complete exposure. You need to put your face and body out there in order to get more subscribers. Marketing yourself is top priority, even with many men and women creating dating profiles in order to catch potential customers. You don't need to be fully nude, but it won't hurt. And you'd better stay up to date on all of your content, as most successful creators put out posts every day on social media, and new videos at least twice a week minimum.

Our verdict

While both options offer a sexy allure, it's hard to beat the safety and comfort of your own home. The key to a successful career as a content creator will be marketing, marketing, marketing! But the riches are far greater (and less tiring on your feet) in content creation.

Although being an entertainer definitely will suit certain girls more, selling digital content is the ultimate side hustle these days. And for girls already working the clubs, creating content could be a great way to make money on your off days!


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