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An Undercover Review of Las Vegas’ Green Door

Green Door Las Vegas Is Not Just for Swingers

Green Door is one of Las Vegas’ longest-running lifestyle clubs for swingers and other adventurous adults. Green Door was founded in 1998; only Red Rooster has been swinging longer in Las Vegas.

A buddy checked out Green Door with his girlfriend and had a good time. You can read about his Green Door experience on our Las Vegas swingers page.

But for my buddy, the visit to Green Door was a one-time adventure, more of an experiment than something he would want to do regularly. I was interested in hearing more from a club regular, one of the people who have kept the Green Door thriving for over 20 years.

So I’m pleased to present this review from Skitty, who goes to Green Door with his wife regularly.

Skitty’s review of The Green Door:

My wife and I love the Green Door. We are not swingers, but when we’re in Vegas we want to do adventurous sexy things.
The thing about the Door is it’s pretty dark, almost a seedy feel – although it is very clean. There are usually too many single men, and the couples that go seem to be new and hoping just to see something rather than participate. The best part is that you don’t know what’s around every corner, and there’s a kind of excitement there.
We’ve been at least 30 times I’d say, and there have been plenty of times when nobody but single men and maybe two couples are wandering around hoping to watch action.
We find after 1 am things are busier. One time we went to the couples-only area where a guy was sitting while his girlfriend was blowing him. We sat next to them and my wife did the same. This led to my wife getting on top of me and the other on him, while we all touched them and the girls kissed us and each other. Another time we saw a couple fucking and it was so dark it was hard to really see much but we started doing it next to them. That was the first time I got adventurous there, and I felt the girl’s foot touch my leg and out of courtesy I moved my leg. Now I realize it was possibly intentional. Ah well.
The best time was when we saw what we felt was an attractive couple. We ended up going in a private room. They were also new to this and respectful, asking “Is this okay?” before doing anything. We spent at least an hour just touching – it was really erotic, we didn’t even know their names. It led to some of my fantasies coming true.
Kissing my wife while getting blown by the other woman. Then fucking my wife, with the other woman touching me while I was in my wife and the other guy touching my wife. Then the other woman immediately blew me when I pulled out of my wife.
I Let Other Guys Touch My Wife One time, when no other couples were around, we let other guys touch my wife while I went down on her and she really liked so many hands on her. The single guys can be a real turnoff for sure, but we have always found them to be very respectful and not forceful, and my wife said she feels a sense of power with that. Plus, you can always duck into a couples-only area.
The best tip I can give for the Door is to go late. Expect a lot of darkness and not much action, but enjoy the experience of not knowing what you’ll see. And be willing to start something on your own. Be willing to start a conversation with another couple, but I recommend keeping it impersonal.
We personally hate when other couples come up to us asking, “Where you from?” We don’t like talking about whether we have kids and things like that. We like when other couples ask, or we ask, questions like, “Have you been here before?” “Are you new to this?” One time we did that and the guy then said, “Do you want to suck her tits?”
At the very least, you can get naked and just start fucking and there’s a chance another couple will start next to you. You may find it’s erotic enough just to be doing it and having guys watching.

Green Door Hours, Rules, Prices

For out-of-state males, Green Door admission starts at $80 (locals $75) and goes up a bit on Friday and Saturday nights. Single females pay only $20 any night. Out-of-state couples pay $60 admission ($50 for locals).

You can also get a big discount on 2-night, weekly and monthly passes.

You can find the Green Door in a strip shopping center on East Sahara Ave. It’s on the east side of the shopping center. You can’t miss it because it’s all lit up with green lights. Here’s the info:

953 E. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-732-4656 800-718-3794 Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 7 pm to 5 am; Friday and Saturday, 7 pm to 7 am


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