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Las Vegas Female-Friendly Strip Clubs

The Best Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples and Women without a Male Escort

The Best Stage Show in Town is at Palomino Club – A Great Club for Women and Couples

Some Las Vegas strip clubs bar unescorted women—and by unescorted, I mean by a man.

There are two main reasons for this policy.

First, the strip clubs don’t want prostitutes coming in and soliciting their customers, who are horny and primed for action. A strip club that tolerates independent working girls not only risks lost revenues, but could lose its license if it appeared that it was condoning the solicitation.

Second, the clubs want to avoid embarrassing scenes where angry wives or girlfriends come hunting for their men. Some guys think of strip clubs as safe havens from the real world and their real lives. That’s why they call them “gentlemen’s clubs.” They’re traditionally for men only.

But as more men these days are coming into strip clubs with their wives and girlfriends, more and more clubs are allowing in unescorted women, as long as they seem to be out on the town looking for fun. Also, young women who look like dancer material may be allowed into a club if they say they want to check out the place because they’re considering auditioning there.

It’s not unusual in a female-friendly strip club to see a male/female couple buying lap dances for each other. I’ve been going to strip clubs for 50 years and up until about 10 years ago, you never saw this. Sometimes the female buys dances for her guy. Sometimes he buys dances for her. Sometimes the lap dancer goes back and forth. Why does it make me so happy to see this? Ah, young love. The dancers seem to adore their female fans and go out of their way to lavish attention on them.

In querying doormen, cashiers, and managers, I discovered that not all clubs have a strict policy in this regard, basing their decision to allow entry case by case. In general, these policies are loosening.

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples

Sapphire Offers the Wildest Lap Dance Scene in Vegas, Including for Couples. Any strip club in Vegas will now allow entry to a woman escorted by a man, or a group of women escorted by a group of men.

But if you’re looking for a high-end club where you’ll see a number of other couples, so that the female half of the couple won’t be the only woman there, these clubs are the best choices.

Crazy Horse III: Locals’ discounts - (Click Here for Club Website)

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection: Floyd says: “Ladies are definitely welcome with or without a male companion.” - (Click Here for Club Website)

Hustler Club: There are often couples and women in the audience - (Click Here for Club Website)

Little Darlings: If you can live without alcohol, the stage show is second only to Palomino Club’s, making this another excellent club for couples. Age 18+ - (Click Here for Club Website)

Palomino Club: The best stage show in town and great value make this a terrific erotic date for couples - (Click Here for Club Website)

Sapphire: My wife loves the elegance of the club and the sexy dancing on three stages, I love the steady stream of hundreds of lingerie-clad beauties. Together it makes for a great erotic evening for couples, especially if you’re into high-contact lap dances for the two of you - (Click Here for Club Website)

Treasures: Las Vegas’ most luxurious strip club is a definite attraction for women and the lap dances and VIP shows are the most sexual in town for couples’ exploring a woman’s bi-curiosity or threesomes at a Vegas strip club - (Click Here for Club Website)

Palomino, Sapphire, and Treasures and have been actively inviting couples to their club, and you’ll virtually always see couples in the club at peak hours.

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Women Not Escorted by Men

These are the high-end Vegas strip clubs where women are not only allowed without male escorts, but are welcome guests. You will almost always see numbers of unescorted women having fun in these clubs, in groups and alone, and the dancers lavish attention on them.

Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection: Floyd says: “Ladies are definitely welcome at Girl Collection with or without a male companion.” (Click Here for Club Website)

Hustler Club: Female friendly for women alone, in female or mixed couples, or in groups

Little Darlings: Female-friendly for women alone or in female or mixed couples and groups. Age 18+

Palomino Club: Exceptionally female-friendly for women alone, in female or mixed couples, or in groups Palomino Club, Girl Collection and Little Darlings have become quite popular with women arriving alone, in female couples, or in female groups. The dancers will treat you well - (Click Here for Club Website)

At off-peak hours, there will typically be very few women in any Vegas strip club unless there’s a special event or party going on. But women unescorted by men will still be welcome and well-treated at these clubs.

Vegas Strip Clubs are a Great Entertainment Option for Women and Couples

As an entertainment capital, Vegas is populated by a large proportion of performers, a demographic that’s always lived on the edge of social and cultural propriety. Strippers in this town are accepted by the mainstream population as an integral part of this city’s make-up.

Las Vegas is the only city in the world where women can go topless at a dozen pools open to the public, where many of the nightclubs have stripper poles that can be used by patrons (who sometimes strip!), and where even some of the hotels—Hard Rock and Palms to name two—have suites with stripper poles in the rooms.

Many casinos now have “party pits” where patrons can play blackjack out in the main casino area while scantily clad dancers gyrate on poles overhead. And one enterprising local company—Siena Entertainment—offers a 30-passenger party bus for rental by the hour that has stripper poles for use by the partygoers.

The art of erotic dancing has entered the normal scope of people’s lives here, as the strip club scene melds with the nightclub and general-entertainment scene. That means strip club entertainment here is real entertainment. The stage shows are world class. You can see Olympic-level pole dancing. The beautiful dancers know how to charm all types of audience members. And the audiences show up to have fun.

If you ever look at public reviews of the Vegas casino topless shows (on yelp, etc.), what you’ll often find is that female reviewers give low marks to the show. That’s because they were promised something erotic, and that’s not what they got. I’ve always thought that women and couples looking for sexy entertainment would be a lot more satisfied with the shows they find at the Vegas strip clubs.

I suspect a day will come when all strip clubs will have a mixed gender clientele and no one will think anything of it. For now, women simply want the right to go to strip clubs, to dance like strippers in the nightclubs, and to go topless in the adults-only public pools, and the progressive venues in this town are trying to accommodate them.

It’s about time!


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