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TVO REVIEWS - Wynn European Pool (formerly Sunset Pool)

All those beautiful wet titties and no beach ball.

I’ve checked this pool numerous times on weekdays and weekends. There were always topless women there and almost every one I saw was young and good-looking—definitely stripper grade. But alas, the pool’s a snooze.

The topless women in the water mostly stayed submerged from the chest down. There were no titty-ball games—nor even any hope of one starting—because there were no beach balls. Someone needs to inform the entertainment director at Wynn that it’s the job of pool management to supply the beach balls. Tourists don’t come to Vegas with their own beach balls. The pool must provide them. All those wet titties wasted.

I was happy to see that they’ve upgraded their sound system. Instead of having a separate DJ off in a corner with a mickey-mouse stereo, they’ve put in speakers that pump the same music that plays in the main pool area—mostly pop and soft rock—not really dance music.

You come to this pool to catch an afternoon nap in the sun, not to party. And if you’re not staying at the Wynn, forget about coming here at all, because the European Pool is open only to Wynn’s hotel guests. [Tip to voyeurs: If you stay at either the Wynn or Encore, be sure to request a room with a pool view. Most have a view of the topless pool as well. Don’t forget to bring your binocs!]

The European Pool is located behind the Cabana Bar at the far end of Wynn’s regular pool area. It’s large and rectangular, surrounded by umbrellaed day beds that must be reserved.

But hundreds of free deck lounges are available. Almost all are in the full sun during midsummer, but in the late summer, when the sun isn’t so directly overhead, shaded lounges are available on the far side of the pool. Otherwise, if you want shade, you have to sit in the bar area.

Drink prices are surprisingly reasonable. The menu consists of typical bar food, mostly sandwiches and salads.

On a hot weekday, I found about 40 people in the European Pool area, a very sparse crowd given its size. On a hot Saturday afternoon, both the regular pool and the European Pool areas were very crowded, with at least 150 people in the European Pool area, many in the water.

If you’re into relaxing, you’ll probably prefer the ambience at the European Pool to the blaring hip-hop so common at many topless pools in Las Vegas. Wynn isn’t trying to compete with those, but simply wants to provide guests with a comfortable environment where women can be topless if they wish. This is just a nice pool, not a playground or a singles pickup scene.

Most interesting about this pool is that just about every topless girl I saw was stripper grade. I guess the rich dudes who stay at Wynn just attract hot women.

WYNN EUROPEAN POOL (Click Here for Website)

  • 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas

  • PHONE: (702) 770-7000; (866) 770-7108

  • HOURS: Seasonal; 8 am – 8 pm


  • COVER CHARGE: Hotel guests (Wynn or Encore) only, free. Non-guests have to rent a cabana to get in.

  • AMENITIES: Full bar, food, cabanas, and massages are available

  • CATEGORY: European-style topless


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