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TVO REVIEWS - The Hustler Club Las Vegas

The Playground designed by Larry Flynt's

Larry Flynt's lends his name to the Hustler Club, but it is managed by the Déjà Vu chain. The Sunday night service industry party is legendary in this town and often gets wild (locals with a sheriff’s card only). Hustler is also the only remaining Vegas strip club with a regular amateur contest. Hustler also frequently has porn stars as featured performers, and sports events for watching football, basketball, boxing, and UFC fights, often with drink specials. I’ve seen some high-flying pole dancers here.

The set-up of this club is on three levels, the top level being the rooftop, used for special events and parties, where there’s a separate bar, comfortable seating, and a 360-degree view of Vegas. The second level has a large L-shaped stage, as well as a couple dozen VIP rooms, including quite a few private rooms. The ground level has two large stages and two full bars.

Some of the private VIPs have windows that look out onto the stages below. Most have separate lighting and sound controls. The group VIP rooms are plush, but offer no privacy.

Hustler offers private VIP rooms too, but at higher prices, and the decorating is — how to put it — eccentric.

You can also rent Larry Flynt’s private box at the rate of $10,000 for 3 hours.

Hustler Club is Female- and Couples-Friendly

The Hustler Club, like all the Déjà Vu-managed clubs, is women and couples -friendly.

Sunday is Service Industry Night. From 8-12 pm, anyone with a sheriffs card can drink for free, plus, weather permitting, there’s a free rooftop buffet. In inclement weather, the buffet is served on the second floor. On this night, locals who are not in the service industry will have to pay an admission fee, but that includes the free buffet and four hours of free drinks (domestics and wells).

It’ll cost non-Nevada residents $50 admission during Service Industry Night (which is really a party for locals), so depending on how much food you can eat and booze you can drink in 4 hours, you decide if it’s worth it for you.

The catered buffet is a cut above typical bar food, with three styles of chicken (grilled, fried and roasted) half a dozen sauces, mac’n’cheese, veggie kabobs. This is a popular locals’ event and you’ll find a mixed male-female crowd who show up to take advantage of all the free food and free drinks.

Opened in September of 2010, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – Las Vegas contains a heady air of possibilities, starting with visitor-seducing sights and sounds from the minute you touch down at the club. The venue is comprised of 70,000 square feet of astounding elegance spread across three floors and a resident executive basement reserved for management and entertainers.

Secondly, it is also a world-class event center and nightclub featuring five affixed bars and crowned with a year-round oasis of bliss on the rooftop. Adorned by a relaxing cyclone of breezy curtains and cabaret-style sofas, here, guests will find a comfortable escape from the action and address any special needs to suit the palate or the senses.

Commandeering the elevator down from the roof to the second floor reveals a VIP Bar and VIP Stage. The VIP Stage displays a see-through glass catwalk that can be viewed from floor two at eye level or on floor one, above the patron.

Locals with Nevada ID can get a Hustler VIP card that will reduce your drink prices.

Hustler Las Vegas (Click Here for Website)

  • IN A NUTSHELL: One of the better stage shows of the topless clubs, dancers are a wide variety of body types, parties and good deals for locals

  • 5969 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas

  • PHONE: (702) 795-3131

  • HOURS: 24/7



  • FULL BAR: Yes

  • FOOD: Yes

  • LAP DANCES: Yes.


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