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TVO REVIEWS - Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino is Still One of the Plusher Clubs in Vegas

Spearmint Rhino has finished a major remodel that was driving away customers, as many of its dancers left for Sapphire and Treasures. Still, Spearmint Rhino remains one of the plusher clubs in Vegas and it’s now larger; it continues to eschew the typical high-tech look for something more opulent and flattering to skin tones. Think English country manor with lots of comfy seating, fake paintings (nudes, of course), muted lighting, and big ceramic vases in the passageways.

Rhino has also upgraded its VIP offerings to modern Vegas standards, with a couple of hallways lined with dark private VIP rooms for 1-on-1 encounters with dancers. But the private rooms are more basic than the elegant private rooms at Sapphire and Sophia’s, and unlike the rooms at Sapphire and Sophia’s, they lack a door you can close.

For many years, Rhino was the best gentlemen’s club in town, packed wall-to-wall with tens. It used to be that a dancer had to be thin and movie-star pretty with big breasts to work here. Now the club has a wider variety of dancer types.

Rhino has one main and several smaller stages, but this is primarily a lap-dance club. The group VIP rooms are small spaces with multiple open booths.

There are separate group VIP rooms for the hour, half-hour, and three-song dances. If you intend to spend time with a series of dancers in the private room, you only have to pay the bottle fee once.

Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas

  • 3340 S Highland Dr, Las Vegas

  • PHONE: (702) 796-3600


  • VALET PARKING: Yes; well-lit lot with attendants and usually waiting cabs

  • FULL BAR: Yes

  • FOOD: Yes

  • LAP DANCES: Yes.


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