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Minks – A Step Above a Locals’ Joint

Minks is an out-of-the-way topless club in the warehouse/factory hinterlands just north of Henderson (south of Las Vegas). The recently renamed Minks has one of the larger main stages and the lighting isn’t bad. The setup of the club has not changed since it acquired a liquor license. The VIP rooms are still in the back and lap dances in the main room still take place in a separate area against the wall at the back.

The Best Strip Club Mini-Stage in Vegas

If she were any closer, it would be a lap dance.

If you like watching dancers close up, the best stage is the mini-stage in the hookah lounge area, cordoned off from the main floor of the club. This is a small single-pole stage, low to the floor, where you’re rarely more than two feet away from the dancer, and she’ll often be right in your face. If she were any closer, it would be a lap dance. The main problem with this stage is that it is only used when the crowd is big enough to justify it, which means you’re more likely to see the mini-stage in use later in the night and on weekends.

Three song/30 minute VIP package includes 2 drinks. One hour VIP includes a free bottle of champagne.

Some of Mink’s dancers are pretty loose with the time clock. The half-hour VIP could actually go to 40 minutes with no extra charge. Don’t expect it, but go with the flow. This is a friendly neighborhood club with an easygoing attitude.

Minks Offers Great Prices – Female and Couples Friendly

Since converting from a no-alcohol nude strip club to a topless club with alcohol, Minks has seen its business increase considerably. It’s the only strip club in the southeast Las Vegas area that I know of and its drink and dance policies beat the Vegas competition. This club is female friendly. You’ll often see women and couples in the audience.

Minks has a separate sports bar in the same building as the topless club, where local rock bands play on Friday and Saturday nights.

Minks has a grill open daily from 10 pm to 2 am. You’ll find all the standard bar food fare like wings, sandwiches, burgers, fries, etc., plus soups, salads, and even spaghetti and meatballs and baby back ribs.

Minks regularly offers drink specials.

5901 Emerald Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89122 702-508-0300

Hours: Sunday - Thursday (5pm - 4am)

Friday & Saturday (5pm - 6am)


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