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Crazy Horse III has Competitive Prices for Locals

This club initially opened in 2005 under the name Sin, but it never got off the ground and quickly changed hands. Up until 2009, it was the Penthouse Club, which also struggled to lure locals from the more popular clubs that had been in business for many years. In sheer size, it’s one of the biggest clubs in Vegas. So in June 2009, the club told Penthouse to take its brand name and go home, then reinvented itself as Crazy Horse III. The new club’s generous and aggressive price discounts for locals finally won it a local following.

Since then, the quality of the dancers has gone up, with some fine, some average, and a wide range of body types. The hustle factor at the club is high, however.

The club now offers Monday Night Football parties, frequent porn star appearances, and UFC fights on their big screen. The club’s web site advertises topless cheerleaders at their Monday Night Football parties, but there were no topless dancers or entertainment at the kickoff party this year.

The regular price of a domestic beer or well drink is now $10, but locals pay half-price for all drinks, including bottles. If you like sushi and especially if you’re into late-night eating, sushi is served every night from about 10 pm till 6 or 7 am.

Just ask the bartender for the sushi menu if you’re hungry. The menu is more limited than most sushi restaurants, but there’s still a decent selection of the all-time sushi favorites—tuna, yellow tail, salmon, shrimp and eel, plus 22 of the most popular rolls—California roll, spider roll, spicy tuna roll, etc.

They even offer a Crazy Horse Roll, which, unfortunately, is not two lap dancers on a sesame-seed bun, but something made with spicy salmon. The pricing is competitive with most sushi joints in town.

Crazy Horse III is a Well-Designed Gentlemen’s Club

The design of the club itself is excellent: big stage, decent lighting, good sound system, and comfy lap-dance seats in darker areas of the main room away from the central stage. The VIP room prices are pretty standard.


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