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Best Legal Lifestyle Clubs Near Las Vegas

Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada

10551 Homestead Rd Pahrump, NV 89061 1-800-506-3565

Sheri’s is located less than 90 minutes west of Las Vegas.

The accommodations at Sheri’s Ranch range from clean and functional (like a basic motel room) to suites comparable to those in a fine Strip hotel. There’s also a fully-furnished BDSM chamber, and a nuru massage room. (Expect to pay more for a suite or specialty room.)

The women at Sheri’s Ranch are good looking, with sexy bodies of a variety of types (big boobs, slender and natural, glamorous, cheerleader-type, Asian, black, etc.) You can make an appointment with the woman you prefer in advance. You can party with two or more women, and both single women and couples are welcome.

Sheri’s offers free round-trip transport to the brothel 24/7. Call (866) 820-9100 to reserve your ride at least one hour in advance.

Sheri’s also offers a hotel and restaurant apart from the brothel, so you can spend the night. Both the hotel and brothel are handicap-accessible. Relax, watch the game, wet your whistle, enjoy fine all-American cuisine, and share some stimulating conversation with the world famous courtesans of the Ranch in their sports bar and restaurant!

The typical transaction at Sheri’s Ranch, which is on of the state’s most upmarket is $900. (Prices vary since providers are treated as independent contractors who determine their own fees.)For a more detailed account of the customer experience at the brothel, see My Experience with a Courtesan at Sheri’s Ranch–an undercover review of the brothel.

To get there from Las Vegas drive west of Las Vegas on NV-160 W. Turn left on Homestead Rd. at the big building that looks like a castle and drive about seven miles to the end of the road.


Chicken Ranch in Nevada

10511 Homestead Rd Pahrump, NV 89061 (877) 585-2397

Located next door to Sheri’s, Chicken Ranch is a smaller brothel. Sheri’s tends to get the higher rating by locals who visit regularly because of its amenities and the beauty of the women. Because these are the closest legal Lifestyle to Las Vegas, they are also the most expensive in the state. These two Pahrump Lifestyle offer free limo service from Las Vegas if you don’t have your own transportation.

The Chicken Ranch has 17 rooms, an outdoor pool, and themed bungalows that can be rented for parties. The bungalows include one with a dungeon for BDSM fans. The brothel offers a friendly comfortable sports bar to enjoy an ice cold beer, glass of wine or a cocktail. Big screen TV’s have sporting events on 24/7…just ask to switch to your favorite channel. The Leghorn Bar is connected to the Chicken Ranch with it’s own separate entrance. It has a pool table, and memorabilia for sale.

All of the Courtesans are Independent Contractors and set their own prices. The typical "date” is $800-$900.

To get there from Las Vegas drive west of Las Vegas on NV-160 W. Turn left on Homestead Rd. at the big building that looks like a castle and drive about seven miles to the end of the road.


Alien Cathouse in Nevada

2711 E Highway 95 Amargosa, NV 89020 (775) 372-5678

Alien Cathouse is a laid-back, less-expensive brothel about 90 minutes drive north of Vegas on US-95 N, in Nevada’s flying saucer territory; Area 51.

The easygoing courtesans range from neighborhood girl types, attractive older women and frequently adult film stars such as Jenevieve Hexxx .

The rooms are smaller than the other Lifestyle, but clean, often decorated with the girls’ personal touches.

When TVO visited, a fire was crackling in the fireplace of the lounge where the girls line up, and the girls had decorated an upside-down Christmas tree in the corner.

Alien Cathouse is located behind the bright alien-green Area 51 Alien Center. You can’t miss it from US-95. There’s a 1950’s-style diner located next door to the brothel.

Alien Cathouse is open 24/7/365 with an appointment and walk-ins are welcome 190am to 4am. All of the Courtesans at Alien Cathouse are Independent Contractors and set their own prices. The typical “date” is about $800.

For more information, see our full Alien Cathouse Review.

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Vegas – RECENTLY CLOSED

Appaloosa Ln Crystal, NV 89060 (775) 372-5251

Love Ranch Vegas, which was the most luxurious brothel in the Vegas area, was sold in April for $1.2 million dollars. The business is closed. It was a favorite of Hollywood and sports stars.

Love Ranch Vegas was owned by the Dennis Hof of HBO “Cathouse” fame. Hof’s personal suite was available to guests. The Love Ranch might be best known as the brothel where Lamar Odom overdosed in 2015. It is also where its owner, Dennis Hof, died in 2018.

Vegas Strip Club Alternatives

If you’re looking for an intensely Adult fun experience, but are wary of the expense involved in engaging an escort, consider a strip club private room show as an alternative. A completely private room starts at 10 minutes for $100 at one of Vegas’ best clubs, and that includes the dancer.

In Vegas, laws limiting contact between strip club dancers and customers were ruled unconstitutional some years ago, so you can get very close and personal with a dancer. The limits are set by her.

All clubs have VIP rooms with a degree or more of privacy. Some of the clubs are set up to cater almost exclusively to “one-on-one shows” with a dancer. Little effort is put into the show in the main room if you catch my drift. Diamond Cabaret has this reputation. Bring cash…. Beware of using your credit card!


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